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What is FIMAyouth Summercamp About?

During this one week of togetherness, not only will participants get to know each other through various social activities, they will also have the opportunity to learn about geographies and historical figures who were active in the formation of Islamic civilization, local traditions, and historical figures who shaped Islamic thought. With the experiences and ideas of participants from all over the world, we all aim to create Ummah awareness and spirit through these activities.

The first day of the camp will consist of welcome and introduction activities that set out our goals and expectations. All discussions, presentations, sports or social activities that take place for the rest of the camp will be considered within the framework of our different cultures, as well as Islamic culture, Islamic civilization, and Islamic thought.

Following the intellectual, sports, and cultural activities of the nature camp, we will finish the week with a cultural tour of Istanbul and the Istanbul Meeting, to be attended by the entire FIMA family.


FIMAYouth Summer Camp can accommodate 8 male and 5 female participants from each IMA. Every IMA must inform us whether or not they will participate in the FIMAyouth Summer Camp, and how many male and female participants they will send by February 28, 2017. If there are still spaces available after this date, IMA’s that will attend will be informed of additional quotas.

For coordinators to sign up please use link below.

Please inform us of your attendance status by completing the Attendance and Quota Notification Form.

Registration of Participants

We will send a Reference Code to all IMA Youth/Student Coordinators after the number of participants is finalized, by March, 2017. The Coordinator will ensure that the participants complete their registration from the Registration page on the website.

Language of the Program

The entire program will be conducted in English.


The IMAs and/or individual participants are responsible for covering the costs of their flights and visa fees.

There are no registration fees for the program. Accommodation, meals and local transportation will be provided by the Hayat Foundation during the specified days of the program. Participants are responsible for all costs of for days before or after this period.

VISA Requirements

If necessary, obtaining visas for entry into Turkey is the responsibility of the IMAs and/or the participants. However, the Hayat Foundation is ready for help. Please apply as early as possible.

If an invitation letter is need for your visa application, please click here. We will send you your invitation letter as soon as possible by e-mail.

Camping Areas

Camping Area for Women                                               Camping Area for Men